Platelet rich plasma is a well studied therapy in regenerative medicine. It plays a large role in sports medicine for joint health and healing. PRP injections are a nonsurgical alternative to chronic joint pain, muscle and cartilage damage, along with ligament/tendon injury. Using your own blood our lab will extract/harvest the most vital healing growth factors that the human body creates. Precision technique, including landmark & ultrasound guided will place them in the area to improve function. Traditional medicine says that outside of surgery, the only response to these ailments is a lifetime of Ibuprofen/Aspirin or other pain medications. However, patients are seeing tremendous results using PRP injections to resolve and eliminate pain. This field of medicine is rapidly growing in orthopedics and has demonstrated incredible results for those seeking an alternative to invasive surgical procedures.

PRP injections also have many uses aesthetically. For the skin, we micro-needle PRP to improve skin texture, smoothing out and reducing the appearance of scars, reduction of fine lines and to create a more plump, youthful look. In addition, we use PRP to stimulate hair growth. By injecting directly to the scalp, PRP generates new follicle growth for patients with thinning hair. Contact PURE Regenerative Medicine to learn more.