A life changing start - The idea that one's hormones change as we age is not a new concept to most people. We understand that the body changes as we age, and our hormones are a major reason for this change, albeit one that is not always for the better. We all remember how we felt in our 20's and 30's, and for those of us in our 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond we may long for that feeling of youth and vitality again. While there may be no "fountain of youth" (yet), the use of BHRT is a great start. The idea of regulating our hormones has been well studied for decades, and now has been refined to a level where almost anyone can benefit from hormonal adjustments as we age. Proper hormone levels improve sleep, recovery from exercise, libido, metabolism, mood, and general outlook on life for most patients receiving them today. There are many ways to regulate one's hormones both in men and women, but some are not as safe as others. Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy with pellets has been shown to be one of, if not the best way to achieve these goals in men and women alike. Contact us for more information on BHRT at PURE Regenerative Medicine and let us help you on you journey to feeling as young as you look.