Dr. Rickin Shah

Dr. Rickin Shah is a board-certified emergency medicine doctor with over 10 years of clinical experience. He is originally from Chicago and a graduate of the University of Illinois and Midwestern University. Dr. Shah completed his ER residency rotating between many of the most demanding and challenging inner-city hospitals throughout Chicago. As a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, he believes in a holistic approach, understanding how lifestyles and environmental factors can impact your well-being.

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Dr. Marc Estes

Dr. Marc Estes is a Stanford trained, board-certified emergency medicine physician. He has been practicing in Lafayette for over 22 years. Dr. Estes has years of experience caring for the sickest patients and uses both his knowledge and his hands to help save countless lives. Dr. Estes has also spent over a decade pursuing health, fitness and wellness for himself. He has competed in many Ironman triathlons, ultramarathons and different other strength and endurance events like CrossFit and Ruck racing.