Medical Weight Loss in West Lafayette, IN

We are very excited to launch a weight loss program that combines multiple different modalities to ensure a successful and safe treatment for our clients. As we know obesity and the subsequent problems that come along with obesity like metabolic syndrome, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease have become epidemic levels within our country and our community.

PURE's weight loss program is designed to not only help people lose weight but to live longer, live healthier and live better through a combination of hormone replacement, peptide therapy, supplementation, diet and exercise. This has been proven repeatedly in the medical literature to be really one of the only truly successful ways to have a sustainable and safe weight loss and longevity program.

So how does it work?


We will start by doing a body composition analysis using our In-body scale which allows us to see not only your weight, BMI, percent body fat, but the very important metrics of appendicular lean muscle mass, (that's how much muscle is in each arm each leg and your torso), your visceral fat which is most highly correlated with risk for metabolic syndrome diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also lets us look for imbalances between your upper extremities and lower extremities and helps us guide your program

Blood Panel

We will run a blood panel to get your initial scores on glucose, calcium, A1C, thyroid and more.


We then can perform a PNOE test which is a comprehensive method of looking at how you metabolize fat and carbohydrate. We then look at how much of your metabolism at rest is fat based and how much is carbohydrate based. Then we can exercise you using a stationary bicycle to perform a VO2 Max test understanding when your body transitions from primarily fat burning as an energy source to carbohydrate burning as an energy source so that we can truly understand your zone 2 heart rate and design a very specific exercise program for your personal metabolism. This gives you the most effective way of exercising for you as an individual. We then send the data off to Boston to be analyzed in great detail by a metabolic professional that then will enable us to send to your phone daily a diet and exercise regimen that is specifically contoured for your metabolism and goals.


We will use a combination of medications and peptides to effect weight loss as well as glucose control when appropriate in our diabetic population. We will use peptides like semaglutide which have amazing effects on weight loss and diabetes. At some higher doses occasionally they have complications. We have designed a program to use a mixture of peptides and supplements to mitigate the complications like muscle loss and GI upset but still gain the benefits seen with the use of these drugs at higher doses.


Most of our patients will benefit from hormone replacement therapy in our biote program, while it is not a requirement for the weight loss program many of our patients who are already in the biote program will have significant additional benefit from adding the peptides and the weight loss program tools.


There are some supplements that will be used and these will be discussed during consultation but they will be additive in helping us achieve our goals of fitness, health, longevity and weight loss as well as helping us mitigate some of the downsides to the singular use of Sema glutide or other GLP-1 agonists.

We will offer concierge assistance for your health, longevity, and weight loss journey to make this as safe, effective, and simple as possible. She will be available to answer questions via text as needed and is a wealth of knowledge and information. Book your consultation today!