Chronos EXO CR is a highly active biologic product designed to complement your aesthetic and regenerative treatments and enhance results. EXO CR can be paired with a range of treatments that create channels in the skin to allow the product to penetrate or directly injected into a joint space. Some of our offerings that we recommend pairing with EXO CR include:

  • Helix and CoolPeel C02 laser resurfacing
  • Microneedling & VirtueRF microneedling
  • PRP joint injections
  • And more!

Specifically harvest to enhance tissue healing, pairing your treatments with EXO CR moves up post-treatment milestones; results can be seen within a few days and improvements continue for up to 3 months.

Uniquely traceable, pure, and potent, Chronos EXO CR represents the highest quality and potency in regenerative aesthetics. Using a proprietary 15-step process, EXO CR is created and purified from Wharton's Jelly, a perinatal tissue source rich in exosomes, regenerative properties, and essential growth factors.
Manufactured in New York in adherence to FDA guidelines, our product is validated to contain:
  • More than 50 billion particulates
  • More than 10 billion intact exosomes
  • More than 1000 growth factors
  • mRNA & miRNA
  • Cytokines and proteins

Ask us about adding EXO CR to your next treatment!

Whartons Jelly

Whartons Jelly is connective tissue harvested from the umbilical cord and it is very rich in regenerative properties like stem cells. This add on is specifically used with our PRP joint injections.


Ozone (03) is a gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms and when administered by a trained and skilled professional, it can greatly accelerate healing and recovery. At PURE we currently use Ozone with some of our PRP joint and prolotherapy injections.


Glimpse is a state-of-the-art facial scanning device that allows us to take a deeper look into the health of your skin. By calculating pore size, hydration, browns, reds, hidden wrinkles and more, we can best guide you in your treatment journey here at PURE. All aesthetic related consultations include a complimentary scan.


More than just a scale, the InBody uses new technology to give us a body composition analysis comparable to a DEXA scan, but without the harmful radiation. InBody will give you a breakdown of your muscle to fat ratio, limb by limb as well as a body type analysis so we can better understand where and how you carry your weight. All InBody scans are reviewed by one of our physicians who will help guide your treatment plan.


PNOE is a comprehensive test that measures your VO2 max, metabolic rate, and biological age in under 10 minutes. Performed right in our office, you'll quickly have this data right at your fingertips. In addition, all PNOE results are fed into a personalized app that will deliver daily diet plans and workout regimens specifically tailored based on your test results. This comprehensive program is perfect for anyone looking to get healthy, stay healthy and live a longer life.

Custom Pepetide Orders

PURE Regenerative Medicine works with Pure Pharmacy, a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy located right outside of Indianapolis, IN to customize peptide prescriptions based on your unique needs. Our partnership allows us to provide clients with peptides in the form of creams, injectables and pills, enabling our clients to have the latest advancements in medicine.